Technical Information

Technical Information

Pacific Press Company presses are shipped from the factory completely assembled, with all air line and hydraulic components tested to insure quality performance. All presses are stati

How does it work?

STEP 1: Filtration Cycle

Fluid is pumped into the center of the filter plates with all chambers being filled simultaneously. The solids are retained by a filter cloth. The clean fluid travels to the discharge manifold. A drip tray under the filter plates captures any residual fluid.

STEP 2: Core Blowdown

Compressed air is piped to the opposite end of the filter press. The airline blows compressed air back toward the feed end of the press. The unfiltered fluid is purged out an auxiliary line. This prevents fluid from remaining in the center portion of the filter chamber.

STEP 3: Air Blowdown

The introduction of compressed air into the corner discharge port purges residual liquid left in the filter press. Using compressed air for several hours will assist in drying the filter cake slightly..

STEP 4: Filter Discharge

First, the stainless steel drip trays are opened to allow the solids to pass into a sludge container below the filter press. Next, the hydraulic cylinder is retracted. The filter plates can be seperated to remove the filter cake. All chambers are discharged individually with assistance from an operator..